Handcrafted artisan lampwork glass beads. One-of-a-kind lampwork glass focal beads, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.
The Blue Between - Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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Each bead is handmade by me, Pam Brisse, in my garden studio in Edmonds, Washington. I melt glass and play with fire, and these are the little treasures that come out of my kiln at the end of a good day. The glass I use is from Italy, Germany and USA. Beads are annealed in my kiln, cleaned by hand, inspected to be free of sharp edges or cracks, and are ready to be used in your next creation. Enjoy and have fun with them!

Lampwork Beads for Sale:

My whimsical, bright, fun and funky artisan lampwork beads can be purchased through my Etsy Store.

Here are a few of the beads available: Etsy Shop. Thanks for looking and shopping!

The Blue Between Bead Studio:


My Lampwork Studio

Some Favorite Beads:

gaffer2 bead

Lampwork Bead morning mist lampwork bead

21-c 21-10e

3-3b 31-6a

31-2a 29-1-a

eye bead lampwork glass eye bead

7-a Lampwork Glass Bead 4-21-09

lampwork glass bead lampwork glass bead

g109 tree

About Lampwork Beadmaking:

Art Glass Lampworking has been around for thousands of years but has recently begun a revival here in the United States. Lampwork beads are made by melting colored glass rods in a flame, then winding the glass on a metal mandrel - adding layers and decorations as you go. Once the bead is finished, it is then placed in a kiln where it goes through an annealing process - to get the stress out of the glass and cool it down without cracking - making the beads very durable. Read more about lampworking at Wikipedia.

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